Spikes Hedgehog Food

Take a walk on the wild side and feed Wildthings to your garden visitors – they’re sure to come back for more.

Going wild

At Spike’s World we believe that caring for our native wildlife is as important as feeding our own pets - and we're delighted that so many people share that belief.

That’s why we’ve created our Wildthings range. It’s a selection of nutritious foods, ideally balanced to supplement the natural diet of our wild garden visitors.

A natural balance

Whether you create a space in your garden that’s a haven for hibernating mini beasts, or actively encourage badgers and foxes onto your lawn, we know that every little really does help.

Regularly feeding Wildthings nutrient rich food actively helps wild creatures and means they can cope better during the leaner months.

Made with our friends in mind

Like everything in Spike’s World, all our wild animal foods are formulated with help from wildlife hospitals.

Start feeding Wildthings to your wild friends and keep them happy and healthy.

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