About Us

It all started with our love of all animals and our knowledge, built up over many years...

We’ve been animal care experts for many years so when we realised there was no specialist hedgehog food to feed these little creatures, we knew we had to help. (The full story of how it actually came about is at the bottom of the page).

After months of development and nutritional research, we were ready to turn hedgehogs into guinea pigs! We asked the prickly residents of our local hedgehog sanctuary, Hedgehog Care at Authorpe, to try the new food. They loved it - and, more importantly, they thrived on it.

Spike’s Dinner was born.

We then began to wonder what was being fed to our other wild friends…

The British are renowned for their love of animals. Feeding wild things seems to be part of our national make-up. But we wanted to be sure that there was a good nutritional food available for people to choose.

Cue more research, more planning and more development to create specialist foods for Swans & Ducks and Badgers and Foxes…and that, in a nutshell, is how Wildthings was born.

But all the while, we were thinking about chickens…

We love happy chickens! And we love fresh eggs. And we know the two things go hand in hand.

After all our nutritional research, designing the Feathers & Beaky range felt like a natural evolution. It’s led to some new and exciting ventures for us, including designing feeders and other products that are specifically created for free-range hens.

It also led to us rescuing some battery chickens, and we’ve fallen in love with them and their antics. You can see more of the adventures of Feathers & Beaky on our Facebook page – with videos and news plus highlights from fellow feathered friends!

So, that’s how Spike’s World began. We think we’re very lucky to be doing something we love. We hope you love it too.


Wild Things Animal Feed
Wild Things Animal Feed
Wild Things Animal Feed

If you’d like to know what happened to a little hedgehog in distress and how a kindly bank manager helped inspire Spike’s World, you can read the full story below...

Now, if you’re sitting comfortably…

The story of Spike’s World starts one morning with a Mr Potterton who was rather late for work.

As he was driving along a very busy road he suddenly saw a badly injured hedgehog lying helplessly in the middle of the lane. The traffic was travelling far too fast for an emergency stop but he had to be sure he didn’t squash the little creature.

Clever Mr Potterton positioned his wheels so they ran either side of the hedgehog and then pulled over as soon as he could.

To the rescue!

Mr Potterton parked and ran back to the stricken creature.

He was relieved to see the other drivers were following his example – but he was alarmed to see that in the line of oncoming traffic was a three-wheeler Reliant Robin!  The driver simply had no option of running his wheels either side of the hedgehog!

Risking his own life and bravely ignoring painful prickles, Mr Potterton stepped into the road and quickly snatched up the casualty.

He was just in time and acknowledged the thankful expression of the driver in the three-wheeled car as it passed.

Poor hedgehog was prickling with fear and pain and was too badly hurt to even roll up into a ball.  His fuzzy little face looked up desperately at his rescuer who was absolutely horrified at the serious injuries the friendly little chap had sustained.

Off to hospital

hedgehogMr Potterton couldn’t think what to do until he remembered the shop, Perky Pets, where he bought his dog food. They, he thought, were the best people to help him.  Marion, the owner, loved all animals and was saddened and shocked by the state of the arrival at her store.  She knew of Hedgehog Care at Authorpe and without hesitation delivered the defenceless patient there.

It was touch and go for several days on the new admissions ward at the busy hospital. 

A splintered leg and dislocated jaw needed operations by the vet and intensive nursing at Hedgehog Care.

But, eventually, a three-legged hedgehog with a sideways smile counted his blessings at being alive – life is very precious, even to a hedgehog.

Delighted to be alive, the little fellow settled in happily with the other special needs patients and was given the name ‘Perky Potterton’ in tribute to his life-saving friends. 

A new friend arrives

Perky Potterton was always interested in the many comings and goings at Hedgehog Care.

One day he saw the arrival of Spike, who was delivered by a kind man in an exceedingly smart suit. 
Spike had fallen down an uncovered drain and, after being trapped for many days, was cold, thin and very weak.  Given warmth, fluids, vitamins, careful nursing and, eventually, meals of good quality cat food, he improved rapidly and was soon anxious to leave. 

The smart gentleman (who had since covered the drain to prevent other hedgehogs falling in) was quite happy to take Spike back home to complete his recovery. But when he asked what would be the best food to feed Spike, was amazed to learn that there was no food made specifically for hedgehogs!

A dinner for Spike

Now, the smart gentleman also knew Marion as he happened to be her bank manager. So off he went to confirm that there really was no special food for his new charge.  They both threw up their hands at this ridiculous state of affairs and vowed there and then that there would be a ‘dinner for Spike’.

After all the necessary research was done, Perky Potterton and his friends were eager tasters and testers.
Soon a delicious and nutritious chicken-based food was developed, manufactured, canned and labelled.

Quite rightly, it was called ‘Spike’s Dinner’. 

At long last, hedgehogs were being treated with the respect they deserved!

Everyone gets excited!

The Hedgehog Care patients ate more and more and, having their own food, they now felt quite important. 

Soon other hedgehog hospitals were hearing about Spike’s Dinner and wanting to try it.

All the newspapers, radio and television people laughed and laughed and made lots of news and jokes about it. Animal lovers wanted it for feeding to prickly visitors. Sensible gardeners fed it to their “Gardeners’Friends”.

Pet shops and garden centres couldn’t get enough and Marion and her staff were rushed off their feet ensuring that demand was met and shelves were stocked throughout the UK.

On top of all this, kind people were dutifully doing the right thing to attract hedgehogs to their gardens. Hedgehogs were busy trying to build up their weight to survive winter hibernation and Spike’s Dinner was the answer to all their prayers.

Happily ever after…

Temporary and permanent guests at Hedgehog Care munch their way through tons of Spike’s Dinner every year and Perky Potterton proudly explains the origins of their food to each new patient. Back home in his garden, fed regularly on the food he inspired, Spike lived happily ever after.


With many thanks to Elaine Drewery of Hedgehog Care, Authorpe for this story – and for the wonderful care given to hundreds of hedgehogs by Elaine and her colleagues in hedgehog hospitals across Britain.

You can find your nearest hedgehog hospital, through the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website or by calling them on 01584 890801.